Through the Valley

“The only way to get through the valley is to go through the valley.” – Gabe Nehmer (my husband)

Our family of six is presently all packed like sardines into our van. We are on a short road trip to Cincinnati to visit the Creation Museum. We have only had to roll down the windows three times (come on people, I have 3 boys) on this three hour drive, so I feel we are doing pretty good!

Gabe had the procedure last week to have the port put in for the infusion part of his treatments. It went well and he is healing up nicely. Chemo and infusion starts this Thursday.

We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this weekend by sneaking away for an hour to get Cold Stone Ice cream. It’s a huge accomplishment when you can sneak ice cream past 4 kids!

Usually we schedule a weekend getaway for our anniversaries. Spend a couple days hidden away from the stress of life, work, and children where we only focus on earch other.  This year we decided to take a family trip, instead. With Gabe starting treatments we weren’t sure if we would be able to go camping this summer. We didn’t want to wait for spring break to plan something, either. We just aren’t sure how Gabe will respond to his treatments. So, we pulled the kids out of school for two days, packed a few bags, and piled in the van this morning, headed on our family adventure.

Saturday was such a great day, I had actually forgotten about our troubles. As we were getting ready for bed, I happened to walk in the bedroom where my husband was changing his shirt. I saw all his scars from his last three surgeries. He was still bruised from IV’s from the last procedure. Tears quickly came to my eyes as reality hit me in the face again.

As we talked that night before bed, my husband said something that to me, seemed very profound. “The only way to get through the valley is to go through the valley.” What is the point of feeling sorry for ourselves while in the valley? It’s not going to make it shorter or happier. We still will have to go through it. What will make it easier is to remember we are not alone, the Shepherd is leading us.

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